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heidasan o livi t gvetan pend to really live a decent standard of life it's got to be active in all of these issu to make sure on health ree s aduon kee ousi s onntestoand so rt t gs fke re me people are falling out of the middle-class headed toward the bottom. more and moreolarion founth a pie at pnla t atd toce t lati i think the middle class is got to figure out the opposite thing that is really to raise itself of through policy s is i casi eyadatl pris of just excepting the political leaders ases with all the problems of campaniancing inoor y t pt p les he t 1 y re h to forge your own 99%, and that's gone to look very, very differe fro what' ovenghow fore ionn bo renefrs ty murhey other cities this is a bar local content vehicles the
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/ localontent. >>s tks a esidobsgnic doeciond pfis aac tby t. [applause] >>hank traelsand eryons pse ll t b ofkebout x of six going back to a book cled -- my first book when politics anose and just opened. i e ow hai pa whnd ckas tecyelawnt really people k me how you read about. i said this is all true. you spend a couple years on resear thstonhtin how eesrch. 'sn upearit ypeomme thngt oioay about the politics and prose. [laughter] this book grew naturally outf myouksrg ll bfony. lots of people think now understandably but not quite accurately that the balkans book was about the of conservatives or
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wkkene t o noxactru 'slly t thepe an george w. bush of ministration. cheneyumsfeld, the rivals colin powell spaleifrenc gseem ohe iof sto they shared some common traits and beliefs. all of them had backgrounds in the military of the pentagon s a t sta ste enhan hent fsstf as it was a jamie -- chaney and rumsfeld. greta have that cabinet with two former secretariesf defense. sredels. amwastbl fofoodthrl mias of supreme importance. in fact, the disagreements among them or how and when for ld u t uted ve bars or u s. immediately after obama's election in 2008 and decided no one to take aook get the democrats ov the same e. okscod me t0's thuge enay
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unlike t oba ainisio. nce97he rtd sssoo ba gngf t anti-war movement of the vietnam-era. it h far few peoe, rticularlyn the o mistonengo ef bro ttillion last secretary -- last defense secretary was a republican. sure enough when obama took offi hes feereobat o was befse cr cheth bleeding jobs. atl ri ais in hentlige cnityautop jobs in his administration. so you have a democratic president'sut without the same kind of co orfe thheubnsrent . the democrats over the years have been struggling with issues pcisely the ones that these republicans took for grte in thend
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states does overseas in some way doom or maligned? certainly the grassroots of the party eat it dates about ethethe o for i e jud. wh iokic 2009, the legacy of the to george's. george w. bush. aeed t ala wt h w g too inhee heus pren oereorge, less obvious george mcgovern. the republican ever since the george mcgovern campaign of , easeein o pca toplins callack on an election time even when it's not necessarily true that the mos ec defse thactts n t s p ave ain the time of the persian gulf war . shock and all of american high-tech aponryhat we saw at the beginning of the war tuly was dnhe 1 ahe y cte under guy with a high-tech background andilliam perry. democrats and republicans h
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th biass hese f a i a k-wte democrats weak on defense issues. and so theroem writi thheyke onideth a nitift when i began talking to the obama foreign policy team one of the most surprising things i found washe undg raonals. to bpecic,polln' gh telasewgera. and when i step back and realize that this obama administration there are really three dferent geratio doctsac th o fma peenacth o gr with different generational perspectives. let me look for a moment at these three generations. eir d not netiffls tiadwhmef ag in the 70's and 80's, even the 60's in the case of the late richard albrecht, but it's people like paul brookeoe ben t etarfen g he o thddas pee i cl john kerry was not in the administration but
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chairman of the senate foreign relations committee and certainly the ainistration's rongt suorinoness rtnlhar is at erio thha a er tadisatio are anti-war democrats. holbrooke in particular had repeatedly at e erthwa awa idde t b whe nd to t tiar candid. that was true of mcgovern. it was truef obama and someone and moreha a o rati trshi rsneon disastrously wrong and it's something that the keep in mind. is i dint eorhe mo t g w of 1991 when the democrats predict and accuratelas it turns out that there will be tensthounds clt w inelian tng s mor politician. this in a majority leader presented president george h. w. bush with a petition by members
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of --di membe of core. dotarsehe cobes hods al. and soon bill clinton takes office and you get whatmots toecd ra o deat. thlionere caedtro fheri because after clinton left office some of thesefficials ben snd wh . th to effials like donovan, the national security adviser jim steinberg it was the deputy secretaryf state kirk campbell,he state rt's hry ins t a ad woferff they had a different perspective. they came of age after the fall of the wall, after the collapse of the soviet union. thte edertor anar i t lali yrsin osus. in the only -- the main kinds of problems they faceitntnaldisameer whe uned stedntne hnpo. bosnia cosimo and rwanda would
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be the prime examples. his, os nitiorig the democrats think in 2001 reallyhat they know where they aren rinorgn poly fs theush administration democrats are out of office, and is the same people who served at the top of the clinton administraion. nderr,elri thetohe iraq war. this time the democrats trying tech correct the mistakes m pic at methlf w v t auize and thatxperience of 2002-3 gives rise to theemrats relyn'tve't woingcuveh or picyil 2009. they really rose to prominence and opposition. to bush they had the expienc t d o t w th t eer
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eanalsi 2008. they have a different the classic clinton democrats wh aeoe? plikes who is now the deputy national security advisor who really has been of the last few years the guyho see oa t s wordsmith for the administration his job is to put -- to figure out a obama's message. samantha power-aman s chaeen iner f human-rights multilateralism. then i would include someoe d,ve inadston eni m o s ce, amadf itatns. and s was -- although she served on the clinton she was for obama, all the wayte prary i esimat d ing d cple sses for you.
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we have the director -- this is i 2 ft o o d heced he t aor to the muslim world in cairo. it falls to been rhones to draft that speech. theirecofatl llcees in ougon o m. blair had been in admiral. a rhodes scholar and ahite housfell at vious me a myid atlyouil e t fsst a thtegeom for obama's say this heas more a figure from ancient history. graduated from the naval ademy denf hirs sinta edsi str 8ven and there goes on to tell the speech writer they need to think abou t saty, w mes wi speh en t e er gnm ic tnior stly suchgya udrabia, jordan. what would obama's be conveyed to israeli and palestinian leaders. ro sugste d nodeand the lge
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rpos theeas a a milet ror w m tmucaith orryeoplin t middle east. blair left and found himself cut out of the drafting process. atav ulahi miti. dhe top the ultimate abomination is of course, oba himsel. hat sbo? eeeee toave dispelled the idea that he was in some way fundamentally different from other presidents. so on give a le gr fthok ovhe yrsarh be mof h an ung spodly affected his thinking about the world. political opponents, diplomats and journalists have sometimes speculated about the impactf amot - omars rein k i yes. sohee hd in tune with an anti colonials at -- this little if any evidenceo support this tory rs a ere cteetn is ut os p ecaon ined a private college prep school and a white private
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colleges in los angeles and new york citynd law school and harvd. econdarynd hher nas ric erfrhaofn keedraselt bill clinton or george w. bush. o's w vie w fledhibrng e tsn o esti turthlo fmecan scint accounted for far more than the father he barely knew or his four yea in elementary soo overseas. sohat is th s pnthat no a dove and in some ways was never a doubt, and is not in the 1970's cents. have noticed as i have been writing this booav had sir conversatns o stea in tonrsatt t at least among the many people in washington or liberal. the subjt is ahastan. etlles bee ioi he's cllo ha' in wch usually to increase the troops in afghanistan because he's scared of republican attacks or he scared of the military
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isnd b qu eoartin attention to his whole career in this campaign in 2007 anday. is is a g who camto inen t niosc s w aea ai- rly and said i'm not opposed to all wars. opposedo down ws. a guy who campaigned in 2007 in a by say iqhe w r tush mionul b fongafis . it's a guy who within a year after taking office is awarded the nobel peace prize loi ernall dif m lheki orgh m pren td . hoteri cu. so i thik that the people in think that obama o this count mehowra t pple d allid ose ghen tat asay. they're are other issues in which obama has taken positio ntry tts cpa ti epecill omhe pred othr per in the case of libya he did
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nothing of the kind. there's several other eles like tha. t genal cha n' st tnkoe b. having said all that, obama is a guy who also changes his opinions and positions from time to time. as a matrf ft nd teamrellt beab dhat. th doe twe tfoi c t pital issues. the bt way to see that is to look back now at the 2007 debate wi hon aoe dennth. mef ec is atustn, y meet with the leaders of countries like iran and north korea in the first year of yr presidency? itoe t omaandeays s. srycln a l of otcdites say no, that's wrong that they would not do that. obama afterwards skillfully ket tay i tnk ed ee ashington salon foreign policy. and then what did the obama people did? they quily ris and
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inthe ads haheaid we want to talk with we sever going to talk to ron in north rea, and we are volunteeng to that. ld bktckima eaouhe w m bu secalnhat inmportant case where a obama said he would do something obviously has not met withhese leaders i tree ars i' n sinheho in ft,hi pan wagh ont on wth he n' do he got away with the mistake. how many times as gun- excuse me how man t obam sudnlede thtee yrswee cses ra ie stea essentially adopting the policy of counterinsurgency and then discovered belatedly with thregf histoould ve tdmchas coteurnckes ae nt teros, y hi to vice-president biden recommended in the first place which was counter-terrorism they sfted in 201 ey onhess o whr udho use cy . i have a chapter in the book.
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e prtatiro t miras th e cr haamneai amned ast policies of realism of in the mid-70s and in '91 and '92. he was the open-hiso seet wheel w t wa t, as - and princess brokaw is the first to say this. what happens inside the country's borders is not o business. 's o that the demts alys era rsalemac tse b really kept his hands off completely as hundreds of thousands of people or in the streets of tehran in aouple y ler y he absin ames v o prinra ce. dlears later is all but encouraging people to take the streetss they had in egypt. and the chd isir dsn ce cro. he was going to close guantanamo. he did. the changes on counter-terrorism
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, interrogaon policies, no wre nr asre as eecd,nds sues. they spend a good part of the campaign denouncinghe idea of a global war on tear andav sincll war acle it i gba t wpe eyave coming to their credit refine the definition of terrorism. it's specifically of canada -- al qaeda t thereas bn ffence ppleaw. ad t hhaer t book about the way the central intelligence agency or some of its officials soughto undermine thees to cnge rihe tnsio oma to oice,sng thyea, called, and the book, because a cia official acknowledged it was call the osha campaign because the idea was that new s d tfi aneehendgeati go n whoht ul t beou. in the short run it failed in the first weeks of 2009. i would bmit to you that in the long runhat campa de aou o j aouf rge. ian tov to questions
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first, why is ithe democratic presti c h o th pspri fonol a y nd uith ttre fundamentally different from the republicans. it's worth keeping in mind that during presidential campaigns o mocrs an replilw haert inmpsi e eeswehe rt bo ptieseek to repoicsundsistay that will ause their own supporters. if this sounds like a commentary on the 2012 campaign,o be i. thanit'sento tk leboheolshe pone mo pe temr e s tan messes that they like and ignore the parts they don't . the personnel don't always geromira t mira achs is th viinf ia at cha don necessarily reflect a dramatic difference. i . o that bushes o onecyiser etoftaph ey a cgole rice eiucssors , it will be hard to say there was a profound difference in views of the world among them. they've oweathor
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aronawl th hoheeo oma apte tsspt thherrhhem into office were far less conducive to a far-reaching change than the rhetoric of the obama presidential campaign. rt, omss rtartitera th angnceus years, and w do find, for exame, that one reason that the obama administration is able to getupport ecomi saonstnows h h mag t r retisies for where there were certainly in 2004, but also in 2008. soto say tba miraomy t es a mia. dobu t oll. ..
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and neither will obama's successors rather obama's time inoffer marng heeginfne er ea' as wo aaenmanr is no long aking for granted. thanks very much. i'll be happy to take your questions. [aus >> nglas,t s terrific. as a charter member of the vietnam geeration, i'm perplexed by the drone strikes and the fact thatobama has peem mrmolkatt saolwhihe i o assassination in israel and said it was like mowing the lawn. for everyone you kill, there was on thatoebody relaced h whmigh m r ah th. ero ay ye n he okay. there's a theory when you assassinate terrorist, oter terrist me i d as taze fy. inscewere tizing pakistan which is bigger than israel. it's sttegically located.
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aprent the tate rt obed thbaoroatao hitherasr, 'tnkwaa ea and y there is -- obama seems to go ahead with it. there was a story about the kill list a h artwauasete tish ll path the substance with one i don't agree with. the other i do. first you're touching on there is a long ndin date thaeowho wiersmwyre reinis r le i s. so terrorism is a swamp and we have to address all the economic conditions and so on. and the other is no, if we g after thelea gatiltmy obwi >> l tem off. >> and in fact, we are you know we have seen it seems to be- it seems be i'l t ki i asnd eeoron ct antk pl sthis. they see the dronesas the alternative to corige ayo ow'srr in insinaosef terms, but that is i think they
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see it as far less expensive and less draining on theu. miry an ere, y ow h'tadheg of war against al qaeda, so this is the way they've chen. there is -- whe we get to the crat. theemcrhaveteto fah d lus. 's shiehikf mtas. clinton we now forget but clinton -- there was a wonderful critique oftheclinton adstonled e ss. aoa wao toth quon ki ig wth bse y'rag. th is a my chapter on bin laden in the book. i realize other people hae written abouit. i h a fe n un manbalng thsts cr. he leading the administration's thinking on this. no one focused onexactly how many choces oma e y onarab i. 'se o pethw could either tell the pakistanis that this operation in advance or
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even if he tol them 30minute in a r ws te po d ouhei mohktn bush. bush's policy was to work with pakian always. it's more than that. in the planninginwh w a yno di nito tknexpl e hequti was what happens -- which is counter factual now, what happens if the seal team gets rrendered. ou whhpe e ar t adllhemta the a handful of people. and original one of the first solution was was call talk your way out. r dardiny alit ta rth. pasthaemhee pn r at. and either obama or hillary clinton will get on the phone and talkto prbabisandt tand tee. th - cin-use ameedhtnfa fight your way out. fight your way out was call this the reinforcements no matter how manynit is k i'angs n b urathss, itaseoan ro to
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pakistan than i think people realize. certainly reflecting their vie and nothey didn't haecase tob us 5 ya ruthastyo owdsuu nuclear weapons and the osama bin laden's raid obama's decision s part of that. wemytkien tyo [inaudible] i'm a congressional journalist i've been cvering the foreign policy committee. i was riousf you haveny insiinoitbw a gia pa o te rereonmi. haoexri i. he seemed uncompressed in it. when i covered thecommittee he never attended eeptfor ti heer lemng s us oua siinha thons real quick, we've been coming up this week one reason the supreme court -- the argument for the sueme couristaiz sut w imiio bc 'sitre li anyeino ' udmiio y bo. i don't think anyone really in the "the obamians have
4:55 pm
imgration exrien do yosir igon oerl y owenstj >> t, committee certainly within a year after obama comes to washington, he's running for president. an 's nv alakoaoew iserd issina loimin the senate. >> why was he appointed. that's what i was criou >> well, i think i don't know specifically. itnkted igliomee heldvenhit merv t, k ihert ge an en immigration, i think the fault on that is mi. i mean there are only so many issues ian cover. i dn'tcverira th k. yoowhepoefato thtpmeten mexico policy, for example, in the administration than have in the book. i can't everything. >> okay. thanku. >>h. itwpa en. woyo-inbl de which the obama admistration would use against teheran and whether or not you think they would. >> yes, whether the admistra wu frc agt e ayrst heiiremg e faio the iran policy?
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>> yeah. i take obama at the word which is that, you kno inthend ifdom dsn k at e'li f ae d hi d inhfalks of reasons they would rather that it be a, you know, united states operation than an israeli eratn. thon'tan. infac aotowt s jsofoens rs l ecnc diplomacy with iran is real. i think as a sub text, we wat to be sure thatwe've done everythinge can t avoid the uso bu ot tt ouonipog i actually thin yeah. and the only political i doubt for both policy reasons and poticaas ll ha o nvr,pe d'tppt . t thifinisrll g to call the bluff, i think something might happen yes. i do envision. what was the second i forget. >> onghe tee fation d ey vfens ia cyt nint inkyinh rsyfsu in t th that the incoming and younger obama begans were more eager tog ahead witthe diply
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ir thepenowee in rk eyd hodtu itwahi n uge motion. dennis roth, who is experienced in the middle east is specifically and quickly brought from the ate depant whe w r apoitee ithototahgef se itr se lo c t gi wth iran on the nuclear program. they certainly hold back o sut thean poonn20beus th t p oi inea at second generation of democrats, the clinton people were certainly innivaved ppfodcrms thheam d n e t yr. >> thanks. >> i a tir a aho puhebon ry sg i prter y the factions within the foreign policy elite. i think it's a game of music cam chairs wn you go fone nisttio he woakceo obat, wa t e a job in the obama administration, and he was sort
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of per son fie a paradigm that to hold in e mat rt pcu ihe 0sn usga rr ad globalization that was an element of that in the carter years and of course clinton had bow nn ouigra em. intbcer mathnalcsiw tgh y n have at economic interdependence as a big downside. >> i think you're pointing to soinatin bok i v mnedtay whisthdfcet iove on cy ee the clinton era democrats and the "the obamians." it shows up prticly o a li bc iath indr yno they had -- they'd already done nafta the world -- they setup e wotr ogati thwonei tc wd ced ttchntho e nion ey a lot of thought, time, and effort into it. they made a lot of comp prizes. they didn't get all the enforcement mchanisms th wanted. nd at mabaas 'sindewith
4:59 pm
che om i o increasingly her tilist and per text list on the own. he tushes to the clinton democrats d says and our ivo wrg itm adiwesewp w dn la e oflra in dealing with china. i think the best on-liner about obama's frame of mind one of the people deali withhim t's jue'noam sm. aur] ers aritth s tn the left in the '40s, '50s up tn caonwt, i th adnhe in democratic culture -- party culture you still have lest or peter gull ra ybe ch iiee whhobae bee cc nnonbes th he write the writings. he is a huge name in arican inecal htory. u iohi i ssg wi hasverngr thst in nit t sec the noble peace prize. >> do you know more about you
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couldca oba set i raalmo ad en veaym dendon rcan >>hihaf i think, you know, he's fundamentally day in and day out a liberal realist. when faced whisue e ar in ego de ms >>ne-ha. >> hi. my question is sort of on the much tald about pivt to asa whisnoxly th ivl sr thdds ot a y are for it. my question is a ersonnel question about the borings and handling themdlea. he e o lr de. iteeaoh tsthwahanern sof ma began specific personnel owning the middle east and the israel issue. you sort of people like denni roanrg ch kg ou deovemeif 'sth o i'eat. ndg tat true there haven't been balm-specific advisers that come aound to own or preent a differt vision on thmiddas t ira leiasu ecal ttrnnaarse wh tpl oh isa an area he's deferred to
5:01 pm
the older generation. what are the effects. >> i think he' deserved derredo lder geti ent rofeor a hoforn mi dd y know, work. and so in talking to inteiewing people after two or three ars, e yu , r ey wl cn , knthadh thdi'tdor i tdt. thyoow ys a initiative without seeing it w going to work. one of the questions -- in pat, because they're focusing on other parts of theeon. t ofuensnmy mif e aseonm wobeerngn e t t the' going to -- the middle eastis israel and palestinians are hugely time coumin take a lot of efrt isoing maho ot ioeso an l t sre wi thhe may just, you know, leave it on the -- i wouldn't call it th back burn per. >> would we expe the same figures ifread te tprsuorsonto rip. ir 's od es. pnn inhe coer lllonisdnitely stepping down. ii don't know that panetta is going to stayon as defense
5:02 pm
secretary for fo yars. otpe wmeup u , scry ota u'ourihisno the u.n. ambassador, may want to do that himself. and johnerg geti is e. quaw. >> kind of a southbound softball question, i guess. [inaudible] foreign affais getting ffnt aen oilet ffnten it cagnd n is mee erd about it if not? >> i have to be a realist on this i meanit ds nuis at eomshma suthcai viy. kni'ri o t igpic but i have to say i think this campaign will not focus on foreign policy unlessthere is a mavment hico eisnntoin ra wiho pts,hi l s he economy. my concern -- what i'm concerned about is the level of slogan earring in the campan or s b bca t puann'nr whdiio ac ob i , ke a terrorism for example, sometimes, you
5:03 pm
know, he's weak on terrorism and sometimes he's failing to acknowledge that he's doing the sa things that eorg h dd rtfsm eyt udeivg a sit s tat n the so glan of either the old fall back weak on defense. or american enism e wopog to wit gou t l g,ily that one, doesn't find there is no an -- i apologize. and send of al w' e in tseoyn loatrus apiziv y eu , date for abeau to the king of jordan. he apologied for slavery while he was in af. oze tces yoowitnounua amanpidt exs et eg atn' well. >> us ei ta ulsndtlokve >>d uties become the secretary. where does rice go. where does the deputy security national advisero t i c t
5:04 pm
penel. doknts eydat up en iesuioi whre yintdo ndte and, you know, there are parts of policy that you would have thought they would have already acted on. to tak am ma om ipgof2 t as ng to move quickly to get approval of comprehensive treaty and a differentrty near eaoouc foheapbdo pre mves. i wuld expect people have been saying this every four years. i would expect some action on cuban policy and ee ll ciar inocyh ob k atin maintain the status quo but they are -- there is a prive toward asian. they began talkingutte fiyertof th adston d d'tnncul re tcld that he united states was withdrawing troops from raq and afghanistan and now we're going to coentroni thil o iy coe. >> hi. i'm sure this is embeddein your boom.
5:05 pm
in terms of your interviews a foysandain. y bkb e oririn columbi he wrote about nuclear -- we haven't talked about latin america, aric lot. frhau e d rboad se hez fer agencies- ud ats co >> o e esero ea he did care about nuclear issues. he did care at the beginng about the middle east meaning raelnastns di ditig. d hmtorhi ourrm issues. and finally, he did want to sort of phase out american military invoentsnra w w kiofa mme sh himself had committed to withdrawing from raq. there were remaining issues. that was one thing. andny,gisnhe heasfcetn wese i on heilyay, you know we need to leae more forces
5:06 pm
there than we said. ic they're not going to get very far. d, kele y ntddlotasu pe she gn evmessh ndm. itlws true that people say that. and you're notsure what is really going to happen. and then, you know, we're going see the knn. who would hehi2 th i l tn ar pacth bv. ththonk they're going to get into a process with iran, we'll find out prettyoon. >> thanks. >> thanks. [applause] vereeboovors 48rs omifod noicuts ok tcero c-span2. booktv visiting jefferson city to explore the areas histy. dar majfe a sied t sier sdlaoeo thy st missouri capital city has a population of 15000 when you include the surrounding metro o,near m lnnsinde' keweomooth ec collections of the arives at page library in lincoln university. what we have in urcoct
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siwea - le er wwee h llons mostly oriented toward the african-american experience and african-american history. however, we do have a lot of otherorbede caer-b lre ve tt l ofoshare covered by the library of congress classification system. anything from european s ieiatalhwa rotelo h i ee whe'do l nhrhkind behalf we'll show you what we have in the collection and start at beginning here. i'm going to have my assan is eful aeme spthbt wh so eoroouo o basically. see the harvard classics here. i think just about library has this. this is eti a wee l bsc bo atiyo have. philosophy. we have some books on the middle agesjust goingrodn- if'rmi whe liy nss y ll e're cle ait goes. mainly, like i said, our
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collection contains a lot of informationout ricaameran htoryndh blpec yo e ereris book, this was history of the negro race it was put t e 18 itnel s wh erng stbo caers, they run the gamete from being -- putting african-americans in a positive light, and tere's also examples thenot o it anha q a o etin our collection here regarding that. follow me, we're going ioth ha ul inrm. as we said, the american history section of this is the largest pa. hvthifm- is st it ' n unvslutss fitio frederic douglas' autobiography. and 'reeprtohae thnoolti 'vlstteeo
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on raham lincoln. the civil war obviously. here's one that is not so nice. this is one that kind of sho e ot-ooto epru b a toc and it was written i 1861 you'lsee from the openin page here it's soomen oedgsly the first in a infear roar race. that's as far as i got. i didn't want to rea anything else afterhat. n'eclte a dot t' n sa is probably our most famous book. it's one we like to show to if visitorshen heycomethe ivertpabr. d is ok about harriet tubman. and the special thing about this is the book ws written spl gouhi boitharitma maer k there and that's really the most famous autodpraf, if you want to call it that what with we have here
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in peiry. d oueouta rlethmat oe s. and we impres our visitors when they come in. they like to see the harriet tubman book, which is very special us. usy w tea irenpa ortis as, wt we feature, and we're very proud of it as i said. het cn iit 'rouupao hiy, onsi t bkndoio w fu in 1866 by members of the 62th and 65th colored infaries of ofiroh ndcoorintrha er t otme t to his wfe because his men had asked him to head school. afr th or f em alhe frml sl. d ter wrote some letters to his wife about becoming the principal of lincoln substitute. whenh fnama deonnd agd. caoe si. i k nstre wel et cotacistce and look back on all our long-hard
5:11 pm
struggles and the free slaves lo back on the former sate f bonde. hee , peo nt ieo'nge in t vn doodgasgi live. the war is breaking up these. laying the foundations all the work is to be done here after. do not think aletu w lin en r e y urt. ou o st we have a legacy of literature, if you want to call it that here in the library and visit us. we'd like to see yu. >>tfr oien vi jerci tole earoacio american military history. it takes a look at the military of our nation. one one ohthgs e wa tdoifso e waf w d t' dwfebihe experiences people had in the past and different types of wars. most of us are awe of hat we call big wars. rlriia exes uoneobo seunsof tights on civil wars. they're small wars and most american history u.s. military personnel had been involved i
5:12 pm
vas llso ns h coct w ey. hint e oseriarv fft. what we want to do in my of the documents is try to expose readers to the ways of war and with that, of course, awaren of t an m coct rtit1tf co, st virginia's settlement. the jamestown settlement. it made most of our aid yes. we wheether orot we watexlo t sa ennoramri weeoeg ew. wee cceo07 it helped folks in the way of the war between the english settlers and the native population the ap b. heem n derepler adiphoota ilen, wa e voice to some of the more famous individuals american military history. the documents ay romgeneral tesowrt 20en. obslnle thou r pll e leadership without general washington. nevertheless, we try to move down that command ladder jst a bit and ve vo tes,apnsa metrnsol no, r sej either than alan hitchcock.
5:13 pm
he describes his experience with seminal india iflid wh foowaera thomoao the indian territory. third thing we try to underscore is the story, i guess prhs the stxpefn vi mar hrneb esce mber of elements to it. we begin in some chapters with speeches from resisfr ren,mtes aoideocss sts rrt be edn wrve oerti i was particularly interested in the story --e t i9 's atrsftidme tenha moves the american military away from a conscription bas recruitment prs nal-vte fo the t oty. anasanusiac ceidgr o military more women joined the force. it became for diverse. also in the 10e' n thertaslnk
5:14 pm
h%fthpla en wears the uniform. for many american history volunteerism was a prpl enohew ed at unslur ir deptoinmti unite of the18th century. even going back to 1607 in james town. whe ahpib th g hemaert. inerfft t st tey like say. the foreign country cliche. in the 19th century a lot of these people who simply volunteered actually wre elfo vr o onmecic mes martsuva j t l malitia. there have been george washington and the american volution complaid a lot about the diarths. e a l se gar puet wn. amomn ti tobeo one of the things that is interesting about the early documents areindividual who hear a callingad o s e t ar gi y cl itacpul si at me om wi. a lot of the voices articulate in a interesting wait.
5:15 pm
i point students oward those dont iovheamoh atceg7 re olle he had a choice to stay i school but in his mind, there was no choice. when the war began beak t, llnhelorojo asped om a participant in the glorious cause, as as he like to call it. within two yars he un hifu aeir of teoyhese re hendseitmist amanrelu. s d go on to become president of the united states. >> what do we see the poll or this kind of mind set start to t if do? hotrg muf myoi a psm llay t has something to do with [inaudible conversations] it's a history historical way in shift in cuure related to orzadeat o sesestd chgytdnsedb hi ls dat moat ba ct and as american became more dern i think in the process, the sense o ane opunitprer. tahoous he2ctuo oi lk to speak free will.
5:16 pm
i think particularly around world war ii and i many individuals maybe saw thse liine stunst ceile erof ivut ce erche. son you think about the 20th century the rise of the selective rvice system. emphasis upononprtio llhrsaofcoe inop tn the the increase of strategic bomb to wage war from a distance. itnhans a nious o thpaf a t po unm hthsees eioan. ane ites thing about the all-volunteer force it actually takes that idea, that notion that i have a choice butries to e t a re. inthorhoi rvsotisacly inrntst sof rth gte isuothe document from 1970 that was sponsored byhe nixon administration high lhe nal hseld d troerilyff seffntar edorsd so this idea of an all-volunteer force in the 1970s example
5:17 pm
ied ssnesof oi it ry prta veawnea untag y on i ufoxpse ouereasons for conflict. there's a kind of stereo type maybe it's born oftoo many ywoo l at ieonnoyhy t. 'rtae hea nt, t el fully cognizant of the mission, the fact of the matter, i found again and again, even in the early documents when dial somas re te. eyeesa end a re hiobjectives that offer reflected a larger community based perspective on the struggles. wel this maybe ieyn ilirumat sorsa dlol. tho admes bui well. in fact many soldiers are quite aware of what they're doing and why. in the old phrase hs mererorar nysdi aekw re f. th n ed mes t tem. it's maybe even a fall in comes from the communities. >> who was a lieutenant cornel in the meran ir ad tecauceh sue t iasch gh yu lemegd want it with allyour mind. he said in this speech this is
5:18 pm
the fundamtal aspect of all wars smbiofcosehecl ra te ev hs li tooing forward, this idea of believi and wanting something with all your might. i understand it traeny odmic to 'sceinamtif ar r at mos ivl blhean d se of all your might giving yourself fully to something and, you know becoming oaferllysptu ic iaouer t21ery in r vl de rc i think they may be trying to tap into the totalemersion. vingoursf is thhigest rmcossan lv gioualomin i k a mon o aratmt universal. and even in the early periods where the secure accomplishes and conflicts wereechnology logical andrbul sh snng nd rt entharnfs,we ilregn ibelieve, that the assessment of a warrior, and that is the idea of a total emersion in some kin pr.
5:19 pm
lion ter w akf epsau f thtu eona e ure of the draft. but may be ming this in the 21st century when we think aut the sort of puic responses to e ala, or rnoderfr ghtadrq e owdgnt thince of national service and the importance of serving ur fellow human being in various ways. i think that isten at motimtan is ok aow oefrfen tymsry o ved a help of our cable partner, media, to explore the history of terary culture the area. the misery state government is e esor ll plntvngut 18 j ffn are spic trv t cal in 1821.
5:20 pm
> anod m tpe ecs slbry i am very glad to show you some of our unique and interting things which we love toso ourvirs ob tbct mo object or movies tablets. this ithe ly one that hs a t th ae ti oud os g at all because they are so-called sealed docents this one i time of i h i to the point of t date of the right thing. it is always amusing to look at such iy ure tetec sch rmn hm these were
5:21 pm
brought to the temple for sacrifice and[nubl bes clab, have the egyptianachnt inii th one which i also very much like to show this is the manuscript inhbe nti is b t ety scroll which definitely has two different di vema eam anre an ti ilsik to show the students here that this is imal skin and you an se een thie ma wamoizfr. among the manuscript, there are w -- at chollet all the
5:22 pm
manuscptare niqu but to hw ensh y wee show this particular almost thousand-yearld nuscript. thisiteokgh he greeks speaking what in language you can e hs eife remmmd actual it is full of this parchment whk sse'to vr prs s th prfor or a student or we can imagine how many hands this bookould have changed. butit s arenti marieclt shhi a tor a ri his invisible line made by instrument. we can also show themwee nereesnal cascrs isle the pages and then
5:23 pm
draw these lines. [iib toeitth sentence is ending and starts to get we know that no other some of themnspt xsath ar yey. ounuptwsprce probably benedict and their manuripwsst c rtssis aul nupt come and it has its own history. look at this and how it is un mes he cpt is is one of hauer treasurer. anotritr ban cita rnedo ths eloiao hry of animalsfi
5:24 pm
nale anisaeyaile d op with all kind of index. see, herein lat and german. aeutl lutiof fish. this is the book of fish. history of fish. and many of them eaan lthnee fth siling, and some are reall fnny nd loon ish monkfish. thare on te whapntrfi eli th their time. smiling faces sometimes. the most anqehi e lrs sc we put it in special protection for the exhib.
5:25 pm
suchtnk. hee iitw ryy o alitw te d wthpet -- it was this. then you take this covend deast ok e igi o u by the center that gave this manuscript to our collection a iin mof aewfane trresmnip. >> why did she write ths so small? >>herere a f torie n th e u sidi etryoe from her very demanding father and from her aunt. on the upp hand, the is eo as nd eoh ntaniai kng come and they had toy soldiers intin s b ab e lsin t out from our really large
5:26 pm
collection is this unique chaer of the rssian emperor and ae theayon t gne. they are seaed ismnm n see the story is very nterestin. this is the sto abo you m pmofra lybetoo -- rank which is eitherainthaj t ery pterhs bravery and it was put in hand butit says ebe2 . itokaye f arndfrlloi have read talks aboute pe onos w
5:27 pm
ity demoted because the rank is at a rate for a noble youn af deo h om fhsbavery later and he was given the regular rank but aretid ecik psi oc nirsity and did the governor of the city. not only from our manscript noly hsry inly
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